Podiatry at
The Locksbottom Clinic

Podiatrists treat the diseases and conditions of the foot. They are trained in the whole range of appropriate methods of treatment for systemic and local conditions. Treatment is limited to the foot itself, but the function of the entire lower limb is considered when planning the approach to the patient’s individual problems.

The treatment rationale adopted at Locksbottom Podiatry is to cure or improve the condition rather than to palliate or encourage repetitive treatments. We offer treadmill and video gait analysis to aid diagnosis, as well as more conservative services where these are more appropriate.

In addition to routine care, our areas of interest are sports podiatry, diabetes, arthritis, verrucas and children’s feet. We treat corns, calluses, ingrowing toenails, hammer toes, bunions, low and high arch problems, heel, forefoot and knee pain. We have a reduced price nail cutting service for uncomplicated toenails.

According to need we can either manufacture, in-house, simple insoles or supply off-the-shelf orthoses with or without modification. For more complicated cases we will supply laboratory made prescription orthoses.

  • Most major insurance companies accepted.

  • Debit and Credit cards accepted.

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